The history

This association was founded in 1941 and the same year formed local associations in Stockholm and in Gothenburg.

The origin was a small group of collectors of matchbox labels. At the beginning of World War II, when the borders were closed, they wanted to expand contacts within the country and a society was formed by Gustav Rothell, Gothenburg.

Originally the society was called Nordstjärnan, Riksförening för samlare (Nation-wide society for collectors). Almost immediately it was suggested that all sorts of collectors should be accepted into the society which would benefit all. A match box label collector who had seen a nice rapier told a member who collected weapons, someone who collects military emblems who bought a lot at an auction which included a watch exchanges it for the watch collector’s grandfather’s cap badge which was only collecting dust.

As one persons rubbish is another person’s treasure, the members can look out for objects for each other.

Founder: Gustaf Rothell, Gothenburg 1941.

Our chairmen:

Robert Ahlin, Stockholm 1941-1943

Wilhelm Lindencrona, Stockholm1943-1944 och 1946-1949

Yngve Hedvall, Stockholm 1945

Boris von Buxhoeveden, Stockholm 1950-1969

Eric Kjellberg, Stockholm 1969-1975

Birgitta Rundström, Eksjö 1975-1978

Ove Kastling, Upplands Väsby 1978-1987 och 1989-2002

Harry Hansson, Linköping 1987-1988

Stig-Lennarth Rocén, Norrköping 2002-2005

Nicklas Vulcan, Uppsala 2005-2009

Curt Ågstrand, Märsta 2009-2012

Nicklas Vulcan, Uppsala 2012-