Our magazine Samlarnytt

Samlarnytt is the Association’s journal which is sent to all members and some libraries, societies and companies.  The articles are written by members for members and together we create a relaxing read every two months.

Samlarnytt started in 1947 but the number of annual issues has varied over the years.  Lately Samlarnytt has been issued eight times per year although some issues have been double issues.  Today we produce six issues annually.

Prior to Samlarnytt we had another journal called Käpphästen (The Hobby Horse, or a very stubborn idea) together with some other societies but in 1947 we realised the value of our own journal of which we had full control.  In the long run this proved the correct decision.

We always welcome manuscripts and ideas for articles.

Please note that the journal is in Swedish only.

The Editors’s email address is: samlarnytt (at) samlarforbundet.se.