Samlarförbundet Nordstjärnan (The Swedish Collectors’ Association) is an association for all collectors and everyone else who is interested in old things.
Nordstjärnan is Swedish for “Northern star” and Sweden´s largest association for collectors of all kinds. It is regarded as an important player in the field of cultural history.
To join the Association you can collect anything you fancy. Or nothing at all as long as you have an interest in collecting.

The reasons for joining Nordstjärnan are many and varied. Many appreciate the social side of the societies and like to attend the local meetings where they can learn a lot of new things and meet interesting people.
Being a member of the Association you can be as eccentric as you like. No one would regard you as odd because you find toasters fascinating. We would find it interesting. Maybe you would like to give an illustrated talk on your toasters – the local society is your forum.
Even if we collect different objects the problems and the pleasures are often the same, and we learn from each other. Helping each other finding interesting objects and spreading the word about useful sources is a result of the many varied fields across the field of collecting.

As a member you will receive our journal Samlarnytt (News for Collectors) six times per annum. It is written by members for members and it is always well worth reading and it is illustrated in full colour throughout where appropriate. If you would like to read or at least look at the first issue of our new format journal, you’ll find a pdf file here.
You can advertise wants or sales to a reduced cost in the journal.

Today we have 14 associated societies and four countrywide sections. Many local societies arrange antiques fairs where you will have an opportunity both to buy and sell.

PS If you think it is confusing that we sometimes use Association (”förbund”) and sometimes Society (”förening”) , the reason is that the Association gathers all Societies in Sweden under one umbrella.  Through the Association, the Societies have a common office, a common journal and centralised handling of new members.
You can become a member of the Association alone if you want to and also a member of one or more local societies/sections.  The fees (which do vary between the societies) are paid as a combined fee and advertised in Samlarnytt every autumn.